ThinkOutreach is a not-for-profit organisation that supports researchers to engage with the public. Whether it be science, art or philosophy, we believe it's all exciting and people want more of it (although they may not know it yet).

Founded by Andrew Holding, an academic at the Univesrity of York and award winning Public Engagement professional, ThinkOutreach looks to foster the diverse talent within research. We have experiance of working with international and local media, and in producing content directly for social media and YouTube. Most of all, we are here to help you do the same.

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ThinkOutreach has held events with partners across the UK including the University of Cambridge and the Alan Turing Institute. We have experience including publicity, ticketing, risk assessment and organising. If you want help running a public-facing event, please get in touch.

Media and Podcasts

We have a wide range of media experience, working with podcasters and organisations, including the BBC and Cambridge TV, to produce content that is aired worldwide. We work with you to deliver the finished product, or provide guidance and support to get you going.


We have trained 100s of researchers to present their work, perform comedy at Bright Club and to take part in radio and TV shows. If you want to get into podcast, comedy and just connect with the public, get in contact and we'd love to help. Many of the people we have worked with have gone on to have their own sucessful public engagement careers.