ThinkOutreach is a not for profit organisation that engages with the public and gives them something to think about. Whether it be science, art or philosophy, we believe it's all exciting and people want more of it (although they may not know it yet).

Of course no-one wants to spend more time in a dreary lecture theatre than they have to. That's why we do everything from science talks in a pub, ask Cambridge dons to get behind a microphone and do stand-up comedy on their research, and even produce radio shows to help you understand the threat of zombie invasions.

Andrew holding up a chart with mathamitical formula


Our annual event ThinkCon is a series of talks by some of the greatest communicators in their field, known for excelling at engaging people. Supported by the Cambridge Science Festival, be prepared to be enlightened, inspired and above all to have a great day.

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A comedy night like no other. Born back in 2010 in London, it's the event that has academics getting up behind the mic and entertaining audiences by combining their research with stand-up comedy. Having now spread across the UK, ThinkOutreach organise events at the Portland Arms in Cambridge and would love you to join us.

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Ever wonder where the universe came from? Still not sure what the Higgs Boson is? Curious about ghosts or the truth about crops circles? All these questions and many more have been answered at our monthly events. Each month, we invite a speaker to the Maypole Pub in Cambridge where you can listen to what they have to say over a plate of chips and with beer in hand.

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