The Thinking Person's Variety Club comes to Cambridge! Bright Club blends comedy, music, art, new writing, science, performance, and anything else that can happen on a stage.

Our experts will dissect one of the important things in life from eight different directions, and in doing so will create a great experience for you.

The First Rule of Bright Club, is that you tell all your friends about Bright Club! You can find out more on the Bright Club - Cambridge Facebook Page or on Twitter as @BrightClubCam.

We also have a mailing list specifically so that you can find out about upcoming events through the Cambridge University mailing system that anyone can join: Sign up to the Bright Club - Cambridge mailing list here.

More information is available from the Bright Club website for Cambridge.

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BrightClub Podcast

As part of the ThinkPodcasts you can find our Bright Club Podcast episodes, featuring more about our wonderful acts and a lighthearted take on their works. We would like to graciously thank The Wellcome Trust for in part funding this project.

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Bright Club London

Find out where it all started: Bright Club was born in London and still holds regular events every month.

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