Skeptics in the Pub was founded in London in by Dr. Scott Campbell in 1999. The event is a place for critical thinkers to talk and discuss. Every month, we invite a speaker to a local pub to talk about their work, beliefs or ideas. The atmosphere is much more laid back than a standard lecture, with an informal setting and people enjoying dinner and drinks while the speaker talks.

Skeptics in the Pub - Cambridge isn't just a place for like-minded individuals to gather, but welcomes those with alternative viewpoints to the speaker to come and be heard.

You can find out more on the Skeptics in the Pub - Cambridge Facebook Page or on Twitter as @SITPCambridge.

Skeptics in the Pub is now run by a team of volunteers. Andrew Holding and Chris Gerrard both continue to be involved but please intially send any enquires to directly to SITP.

More information is available from the Skeptics in the Pub website for Cambridge.

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Simon Singh speaker at Skeptics in the Pub
Skeptics in the Pub

Photography by Helen Potter

SkepticsInThePub Podcast

As part of the ThinkPodcast, you can find our Skeptics in the Pub Podcast episodes, looking further into the questions raised during the talks and letting you enjoy the events from the comfort of your own armchair. We would like to graciously thank The Wellcome Trust for in part funding this project.

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What is Skepticism?

Skepticism is not, as one might at first think, the denial of what is around. Rather it is the reliance on critical thinking and rationality to define one's viewpoint. For those who label themselves 'skeptics' they are people who choose to live their lives by evidence-based reasoning.

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